Wells Fargo Precious Metals Fund

Wells Fargo Precious Metals Fund

Wells Fargo Precious Metals FundIn addition, since the beginning of this year, in order to stimulate the weak economy, all major economies in the world have adopted loose monetary policies at the same time, including QE3 and QE4 in the United States, QE8 and QE9 in Japan, and the Reserve Bank of Australia cut interest rates. Driven by the easing wave, gold anti-inflationary demand may be further improved.

The author believes that trends in Europe are expected to bring greater volatility to the market, especially the Eurozone April inflation data that will be announced during the European session in the afternoon. Earlier this week, many officials of the European Central Bank including President Draghi made speeches on the currency policy trends of the euro, although these officials deliberately downplayed the importance of April inflation data and emphasized that there will be no changes in the longer term. Loose monetary policy, but judging from the weak performance of the euro after Germany announced yesterday’s worse-than-expected inflation data, the market does not agree with the tough statements of European officials. If the results of the euro zone’s April inflation data in the afternoon do not show a clear rebound as expected by the market, concerns about the actual deflation of the euro zone’s economy may further suppress the euro, thereby passively pushing the dollar to rebound further, and further suppressing gold and silver.

According to data released by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) on Tuesday (February 25), the Turkish Central Bank’s gold reserves plummeted in January 2014. Analysts pointed out that this may be because the Turkish lira plummeted in January, causing local commercial banks to subscribe from the central bank. Take out a lot of gold. The Central Bank of Turkey is the only central bank that incorporates commercial bank gold reserves into official gold reserves.

Q Youyue Xia Cailian said that many of her friends have bought some gold recently, some are physical gold, some are paper gold, and some friends bought some silver bars and put them at home. Under the influence of her friends, Cailian also considered buying some gold, but the price of gold has set a record high, which made her feel unsure and dare not chase high to buy. Q You Ah Shui said that he saw the comments of some institutions, saying that the price of gold is expected to exceed US$2,000 per ounce this year, and it is likely to rise to US$3,000 per ounce in the future. Ah Shui said that if the price of gold is really up to 3,000 US dollars, it means that the spot gold will cost more than 600 yuan per gram, which sounds weird.

Bank of Beijing provides three trading channels: online banking, telephone banking, and counter. As a financial member of the gold exchange, it accepts individual clients' entrustment to act as an agent for physical gold trading, fund settlement and physical delivery on the gold exchange. . The bank's physical gold quotation is synchronized with the gold exchange system in real time, and the information is open. Customers can buy on the same day, sell on the same day, and implement T+0 trading and clearing.

3. The monthly report issued by the US Department of Commerce (Commerce Department) shows that the monthly rate of US commercial inventories Wells Fargo Precious Metals Fundin March rose by 1.0% to 1.477 trillion US dollars, which is expected to increase by 0.8%. U.S. commercial sales increased 2.2% in March to $1.200 trillion; the largest increase since March 2010 increased by 2.4%.