What is Wheaton precious metals market

What is Wheaton precious metals market

The flash loan aggregation protocol kollat eral has bWhat is Wheaton precious metals marketeen launched into the main network. The purpose of the kollat eral protocol is to

Gnosis, a spin off from consonsys, announced the launch of a new exchange (DEX) gnosis agreement, which provides the optimal execution price for large traders. Specifically, a trader needs to set a price cap to place an order. After the transaction, it is packaged together with other transactions, and a solver is introduced to provide the optimal price for multiple transactions through auction. The winner can get 50% of the transaction fee. Each auction lasts for 5 minutes, and the order that fails to complete settlement will be transferred to the next package. This means that traders have to wait at least five minutes to complete the transaction, so it can't provide instant settlement to attract large order customers with price advantage. Batch price execution can also realize ring trading, that is, matching and settlement of more than two asset holders (holding more than two kinds of assets) can solve the transaction demand of low liquidity long tail assets. This batch auction solution can integrate other defi protocols, especially those that require clearing auctions, such as compound. The user interface of the protocol is managed by dxdao, which runs dutchx, the first exchange on gnosis. Gnosis protocol is complete, without administrator key, its smart contract part can not be updated.

Conflux calls it pivot chain, while byteball uses witness witness. The conflux consensus mechanism and experimental data are implemented under the bitcoin source code framework, that is, the algorithm of block generation follows the pow workload proof mechanism of bitcoin. According to the experimental data of conflux, the throughput can reach 5.78gb/s, the confirmation time is 4.5-7.4min, and the transaction speed is 6000tps. Its transaction speed is 11.62 times faster than ghost or bitcoin and 3.84 times higher than algorand. The conflux tree blockchain will provide a reward of up to 20000 FC tokens, and additional bonus will be given as the case may be. According to conflux, defi is the abbreviation of decentralized finance, also known as openfinance. This is a relatively broad concept. It generally refers to encrypted assets, financial smart contracts and protocols based on smart contract platform (e.g., conflux), including currency issuance, currency trading, lending, asset trading, investment and financing, etc. Conflux said that two front-end development engineers, one back-end development engineer and one data scientist are needed to participate in the research and development of defi one-stop aggregation platform products. This project is supported by conflux foundation and incubated with confluxtoken. Websites that can be referenced include defipulsedefipulsedefipulse, which can track the real-time data of defi, so as to help you know the most serious situation in the field of defi What you want. Check out more, defirate, loanscan, etc.

Avantgardefinance, the main development company of the Mellon agreement, announced that it had acquired the investment from coinshares ventures, the specific amount of which has not been disclosed. Over the next six months, avantgardefinance is committed to promoting the adoption of the Mellon agreement by attracting more investors and emerging managers to the platform. Avantgarde will continue to support Mellon's improvement proposal mip7,

Project by defi Hakka.Finance The introduction of the insurance product 3fmanual enables the mining function of insurance policies. Users who hold insurance policies can receive tokens named thirdfloortoken and conduct liquidity mining in the new TFT reward pool. At the same time, the project also said that the reward pool currently distributes 1.5 million Hakka tokens every week, which can be adjusted by community governance in the future.

Some COFI holders have received a total of 125.60eth from the bonus pool. Market makers not only receive transaction fees through COFI, but also compensate for the risk of each transaction to the fund pool. In addition, cofix collected a total of 85.0053eth handling fees on October 26, with a transaction volume of more than $17 million. "Please don't provide liquidity in cofix until you understand the market making mechanism and how to hedge against changes in the proportion of your assets," Victor cautioned. According to previous reports, cofix was officially launched on October 12, simultaneously launching the liquidity mining and trading mining plans. Liquidity providers (i.e. market makers) and traders can obtain COFI tokens by providing liquidity to cofix system or trading. According to the design of cofix mining mechanism, 90% of COFI tokens will be distributed to users through liquidity mining and transaction mining. Curvecurvecurve is designed to create a deeper level of liquidity on the blockchain using advanced glue curves. It is currently in the testing stage. It is the fund What is Wheaton precious metals marketpool of Ethereum transactions, aiming to achieve highly efficient stable currency transactions, and provide low-risk supplementary fee income for liquidity providers without opportunity cost.

Eight hours after the launch of token distribution, the asset value locked into the pledge pool of the project yamfinance (yam) broke through US $200 million, reaching US $20834755. In addition, up to now, the price of yam token is 97.58 US dollars,