Precious metals forecast

Precious metals forecast

However, from a longer-term perspective, the trend of gold prices is not optimPrecious metals forecastistic. Because the recent US economic recovery trend is obvious, a weakening of non-agricultural data may not change the fact that the US economy has entered the recovery track. Therefore, if the price of gold really wants to regain its glory, it may be an indispensable condition that the US economic recovery encounters huge obstacles.

RJOBrien&Associates said that the results of the elections in France and Greece show that the strict fiscal austerity program in the euro area is beginning to end, and there is a possibility that Greece will leave the euro area. This may cause Greece, which is subject to the IMF and the European Central Bank, to gradually give up fiscal austerity. Affected by this, the U.S. dollar strengthened, and precious metals faced an impact.

Earlier, St. Louis Federal Reserve Chairman Brad (James Bullard) also stated that the Fed may replace the reversal operation with a $25 billion monthly bond purchase plan and still achieve the same effect. And the continued introduction of the US$45 billion monthly bond purchase plan will carry inflation risks.

The Stone&McCarthy Research Institute recently released a report stating that between now and the Fed’s meeting on interest rates on September 12, the FOMC will receive two economic reports that have received much attention: one is the Beige Book, and the other is the August non-agricultural report. Employment report. If the report does not show signs of a clear deterioration in the economy, the FOMC may choose to wait until a clearer signal is obtained before making a decision.

Most of them are small companies with a large number. The management model and shareholding structure of each company are very different, and the various relationships are intricate and unintegrated at all. Under such realistic conditions, we thought of setting up an exchange. Under the background of temporarily unable to enter the business, we should first standardize product prices and centralize their sales, thereby promoting SMEs to achieve industry integration. Cao said.

Third, according to various types of high-frequency data tracked, although developed economies have experienced very strict lockdown measures since March, obvious economic activiPrecious metals forecastties have bottomed out or even rebounded since April and May. Take the travel index as an example. In May or even early June, it has returned to the level before the epidemic. High-frequency indicators also show that the economy may bottom out after the end of April, and consumer behavior patterns will gradually recover later.

Concerns about unlimited money printing prompted investors to increase their gold holdings. Judging from the gold price trend in the past two months, whenever the gold price drops to a certain level, investors will ignore the technical and fundamental negatives and buy bottom gold. Global gold ETFs have received capital inflows for 12 consecutive weeks. For the next trend of gold, there is a high probability that it will remain oscillating in the short term. In the long run, the price of gold may stand at $2,000 per ounce in two years.

In 1999, Lee Teng-hui threw up the two-state theory, claiming that the cross-strait relationship is a special state-to-state relationship. He immediately published an article "Questioning Lee Teng-hui" in the Hong Kong Wen Wei Po, using the spear of the son to attack the shield of the son. Questioning Lee Teng-hui: Lee Teng-hui’s ancestors were from Yongding County, Fujian Province on the mainland. May I ask Lee Teng-hui, according to the logic of the "two-state theory", didn't your ancestors become "foreigners"? This article fully exposes the absurdity of the two-state theory. On September 14, 1999, the "People's Daily" reprinted this article in its entirety under the title "The Theory of "Two States" is Really Absurd, and accompanied by a portrait of Liu Mengxiong, which has had a great influence both at home and abroad.

Tuesday (19th) the heated and fruitless debate in the United States on raising the debt limit has strengthened the country’s expectations of its first debt default in history 14 days later. But overseas investors don't seem too worried. The US Treasury Department said on the 18th that overseas investors bought US$38 billion in US government bonds in May, and their holdings of US Treasury bonds increased by 0.6% to US$4.51 trillion.