How to invest in precious metals

How to invest in precious metals

The continued decline in commodities has caused long-term losses for hedge funds that invesHow to invest in precious metalst in the commodity sector. According to data from Newedge Group, the average loss of commodity hedge funds in 2012 was 3.7%, which was the worst situation since Newedge Group tracked data for more than a decade. The loss in 2011 was 1.4%.

For most ordinary investors, the best investment product should be that physical gold is better than paper gold, and paper gold is better than gold jewelry. Physical gold business refers to the buying and selling of physical gold, which has strong characteristics of investment preservation. Due to the high transaction costs of physical gold bars and the inconvenient transaction procedures, it is more suitable for long-term investment. Physical gold can be bought and held for a long period of time, or it can be invested at a fixed rate. The long-term investment strategy of physical gold is suitable for most ordinary investors, and does not require much professional knowledge and excessive investment of time and energy. Physical gold currently has real-time quotation gold bars. The investment advantage of this type of gold bullion is that the price information is transparent and consumers have large choices; the second is that the product is easy to purchase, and the goods can be picked up in time, and it can also be ordered in advance. Excessive added value.

Standard & Poor's chief technical analyst Mark Abbott said that the trend of the dollar is usually regarded as a trend of commodity markets, especially the gold market. The depreciation trend of the dollar in the future is still difficult to change. In this case, the metal market, especially gold and silver, will continue the bull market trend. (Yu Liang)

Chen Songnian said that the recent high of gold prices has accelerated upwards, and all moving averages are arranged in long positions, indicating that the trend has been formed and the strength is not small, but the price has been far away from the short and medium-term moving averages, and there is a requirement to correct the positive deviation at any time. Once a long rise appears on the daily chart The form of shadow or swallowing (that is, Yin Baoyang) is more likely to be adjusted subsequently. When the gold price pulls back to near the 20-day or 30-day moving average, it will be significantly supported, and there are still opportunities to do more at this time.

After Standard & Poor's recently downgraded the US long-term debt rating, global stock indexes fell miserably, and A-shares failed to survive. In the financial data fund classification, there are less than 10 of the nearly 400 equity funds that have achieved positive returns, and the return rate is less than 4%, and more than 120 funds have fallen by more than 10%.

Central banks in emerging market countries such as Russia, India, and Turkey have significantly increased the amount of gold reserves. The main reason is that the financial hegemony of the United States has caused high vigilance in emerging market countries.How to invest in precious metals As a result, they have implemented de-dollarization in foreign exchange reserves. Exchange assets for gold. Said Qian Yuanyuan, chief analyst of Jinyafu Research Institute.