Precious metal sales

Precious metal sales

In terms of investment scope, Lion Gold and Harvest Gold have stricter regulations. 80% and 64% of their assets are invested in gold ETFs respectively, while E FunPrecious metal salesd Gold and China Huitian Fu Gold have relatively wide investment scopes. Therefore, in the future, Lion Gold may still be the QDII fund that tracks the trend of international gold prices most closely, followed by Harvest Gold. Zeng Linghua, chief analyst of the Good Buy Fund Research Center, said.

The reason why international crude oil outperformed gold prices in the fourth quarter of 2011 and the first quarter of this year was mainly due to the geopolitical premium. In addition, the US economic recovery was better than other economies. In fact, after observing the price ratio of oil and gold, it is found that due to the constant crisis, the center of gravity of this indicator has shifted downward after 2008. Obviously, compared with gold, international crude oil can only be used as a temporary safe-haven asset.

On July 26, the prices of major trading varieties of gold futures in the domestic market continued to rise across the board, but the increase was significantly slower than the previous trading day. Among them, the main contract prices opened slightly lower, and eventually rose and closed higher; while the prices of other inactive contracts continued to rise slightly.

This week focuses on the Fed’s first interest rate decision this year. Due to the unsatisfactory hourly wage growth data and inflation levels in the United States, although the non-agricultural data remains above 250,000, the market is still concerned about the U.S. economic outlook and the Fed’s currency. Policy expectations are quite divergent.

JP Morgan Chase said that the commodity market will stabilize from the recent decline and continue the upward trend since 2008. The rise in gold and crude oil markets will help offset the impact of the decline in base metals. Ray Allers, chief executive of the bank’s Asian commodity business, said that in the short term, the macro environment seems to have changed in recent weeks, but in the end, the long-term supply and demand fundamentals of commodities will still support higher commodity prices. The S&P Goldman Sachs Commodity Index (GSCI) rose 24% in April, continuing the gains since 2008. However, since May, there have been signs that the economy has slowed, stimulating selling in the commodity market, and the index has fallen by 11%. Allers believes that in the next few years, Asia will play an increasingly important role in the commodity market, and commodity demand mainly comes from Asian countries represented by India and India. Ailes said that the turbulent situation in the Middle East, coupled with Japan's nuclear radiation crisis, will have a major impact on long-term energy prices. Basic metals, such as copper and zinc, may face selling pressure in the short term. He believes that the fundamentals of energy commodities are the most solid, and the unfavorable macro environment will have a negative impact on industrial metals. Aylers believes that investors' strong interest in diversified investment, inflation and currency hedging will continue to support precious metal prices. He said that in the context of limited commodity market supply and huge demand, people tend to underestimate the strength and duration of the commodity market's rise.

Xinhuanet, Chicago, September 29 (Reporter Li Mi) Affected by factors such as the decline in the U.S. Precious metal salesdollar, the rising stock market, and the conservative market mentality, gold futures on the New York Mercantile Exchange fell slightly on the 29th. Among them, the most actively traded December contract fell 0.8 US dollars per ounce to close at 1617.3 US dollars, a decrease of 0.05%.

Caibai’s senior gold investment analyst Ning Caigang introduced that because the Fed stated that it would maintain the benchmark interest rate and the scale of monthly asset purchases, and raised the 2014 economic growth assessment and lowered the unemployment rate expectations, and then pointed out that it may reduce assets later this year. buy. Concerns about the Fed's gradual slowing of quantitative easing triggered the dollar's rise again, and at the same time stimulated the relatively quiet gold market since mid-May. Jiao Guangyi, deputy general manager of the Sun Gold Store, believes that the main reason for the decline in gold prices is that the US economic data has improved and the market judges that it is unlikely that the United States will continue to implement the quantitative easing policy.