Precious metal sales tax

Precious metal sales tax

In addition, determining whether Panda Gold and Silver Coins can dominate Precious metal sales taxthe precious metal spot market depends on whether their publicity strategy is in place and whether the sales channels are smooth, but the most important thing is that they always face a bottleneck that has not been able to break through—repurchase channels. If this problem cannot be solved in recent years, then panda gold and silver coins can only be collected and invested by a niche, and cannot become a mainstream behavior trend in society. He said.

When our reporter came to MJC at the end of last year, the craze of gold exchange for cash had passed, and the store looked very relaxed. The reporter took off from his hand a gold ring bought more than 20 years ago and gave it to the clerk. The clerk immediately walked to an appraisal machine. After a few minutes, an appraisal letter was printed out. The gold content, weight, and residual value of the ring Be clear.

This week focuses on the Fed’s first interest rate decision this year. Due to the unsatisfactory hourly wage growth data and inflation levels in the United States, although the non-agricultural data remains above 250,000, the market is still concerned about the U.S. economic outlook and the Fed’s currency. Policy expectations are quite divergent.

However, investors who invest in gold and silver coins are more optimistic about the market outlook, often ignoring this part of the transaction cost, and are confident that the long-term value-added space of gold and silver coins in the future can far exceed this part of the spread. Therefore, investors should weigh their own investment objectives, calculate the holding time and cost and make investment decisions.

After the international gold price surged to US$1,900, it fluctuated and fell back to the current level of around US$1,600 per ounce. At the same time, international commodity prices continued to weaken. Crude oil prices on the New York Stock Exchange fell below the $80 mark. Copper on the London Metal Exchange (LME) fell more than 15% last week, and aluminum and zinc fell by 7.31% each week. , 11.30%.

Platinum's attention is naturally related to the price inversion in the futures market. Yesterday the spot gold was about US$1820/ounce, while the spot platinum price wPrecious metal sales taxas only about US$1808/ounce. It is worth noting that although the current international spot gold price is higher than the platinum price, in the gold and platinum jewelry retail market, the price of platinum and gold are not consistent.